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  2. Natural disasters occur all over the world. Not only do they cause catastrophic damage , but they take peoples lives, leaving families full of grief. The ring of fire (Pacific Ocean) is most common for natural disasters such as: tsunamis, volcanoes, hurricanes, tornados (also known as twisters) and many more!


  4. TERRIFYING TORNADOES Tornados only travel in a straight line!

  5. WHAT IT IS Tornadoes are extremely violent, spinning whirlwinds that suck up objects that are in its war path! Shaped like funnels these mighty wind beast can reach up to speeds of 500km (300m) Per hour!

  6. WHAT CAUSES IT Formed in humid conditions, the tornado can reach speeds of 120 to 510kph. When warm and cool air meet, a whirling storm is formed called a Supercell. Tornados can also form over water and this is called a water spout. Brining heavy rain, thunder and lightning, this monstrous storm demolish houses, towns and cities.

  7. EFFECTS Vicious, cruel and frightening, tornadoes are a vast threat to life. These gigantic storms demolish homes, injure innocent people and destroy crops! They obliterate everything in their path- no one has ever survived!

  8. TRETEROUS TSUNAMIS Tsunamis travel 500mph!

  9. WHAT IT IS Tsunamis are COLOSSAL waves, which wipe out Civilization! They are built up of salt water and all the debris from the ocean. You would never want to come across a tsunami!

  10. WHAT CAUSES IT When earthquakes shake the earth underneath the sea a tsunami is caused. Tsunami are also Caused by under water volcanoes that erupt. They are two waves that travel across the sea to. The first is weak but the second can demolish towns and cities!

  11. EFFECTS Tsunamis kill THOUSANDS of innocent people from one wave! Not only do they cause catastrophic damage to towns, cities and houses, but they destroy live- stock and crops so there's not enough food to survive on.

  12. VICIOUS VOLCANOES There are more than 1500 volcanoes on earth!

  13. WHAT IT IS A large mountain of rock which stores moulting rock under its surface. When the moulting rock reaches the surface, it becomes a boiling red hot Liquid called lava. There are three types of volcanoes: • Dormant; It has not erupted in years. • Extinct; Will never erupt again. • Active; Could erupt at any moment or is erupting.

  14. When they Erupt Volcanoes do not erupt straight away. For about a year the volcano spits out ash and lava before it erupts. There are several sounds that erupting volcanoes make: • They can be quite and hissing • Or explosive and booming.

  15. EFFECTS Volcanoes kill people by polluting the air with ash. They DESTROY anything in there path!

  16. Over all, natural disasters are Catastrophic things! They are a threat to life and live-stock. ALWAYS BE PREPARED! BY CHARLIE, JENSON AND MOLLY