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The Murdered Mayor

The Murdered Mayor

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The Murdered Mayor

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  1. The Murdered Mayor • Erica Umlor • Deanna Shears • Kaden Brigham • Travis Johnson Click here to begin your adventure

  2. It is 2035 during the spring. You are in Los Angeles California and it is a couple of weeks before the election. You are a 13 year old boy who likes to solve mysteries. There is the mayor election with two candidates. One is a vibrant 70 year old lady named Jody McDonald. She is an assertive lady who served in the military in Iraq. The other one is a gray haired 35 year old man named John Swanson. He works at a hardware store. Jody is old so she could easily fall asleep on the job. John isn’t as qualified as Jody because of his job at a hard ware store. Click here to continue

  3. During the election John Swanson becomes the new mayor of Los Angeles. Soon after the election John Swanson gets murdered. No one knows who did it. Because of your love of solving mysteries you go to investigating. If you decide to go to John Swanson’s house to see how he was murdered go to click here. If you decide to interview the other candidate, Jody McDonald click here.

  4. You leave to go to Jody’s house. You knock on the door and she asks, “Who is there?” You answer, “It is a neighbor”. So Jody opens the door. You walk in the house and see a couch with a plastic covering and an old looking rocking chair that had a raggedy cushion. “Would you like a snack?” She offered. You reject the offer and sit down. You start to ask questions about John Swanson. “Do you know any thing about the murder of John Swanson?” “Ummmm… I believe he was not murdered he was poisoned”, Jody replied. Click here to continue

  5. “What do you mean when you say poison?” you ask. “I am mean food poisoning you know like rotten Spaghetti O’s, oh those moldy things sonny boy.” she says in a suspicious way. “Oh well of course,” you say back. “So honey, do you want to see the garden?” If you want to stay in side and ask more questions click here. If you go to the garden with Jody click here.

  6. You are right outside of John’s house. You avoid the do not cross tape on the old rusty gate and you walk towards the house. As you walk into the house the floor boards slowly creek. You then start to look around the house for something that might be a clue for who killed John. When you arrive into the kitchen you find a small bottle of poison behind the toaster. You find a cup on the floor, you pick it up and find out that it has the same smell as the poison. Once you figure out that John Click here to continue

  7. was poisoned you inspect the bottle again. On the bottom of the bottle you find a smudge of pink lipstick that you knew Jody wore at the election. So far you think it could be Jody, but you still have your doubts. So you search a little longer for more evidence. Later you find a gray hair in the sink. So now you know it’s Jody who poisoned John. If you decide to go to the police to tell them you found out who killed John, click here. If you decide to go to Jody to handle the problem yourself click here.

  8. You walk out to see Jody’s garden. You think it looks like a junk yard so you ask Jody “I don’t mean to be rude Jody but this looks kind of like a junk yard”. “Oh really hah,” Jody says in a sassy way. “Yes it does,” you say back. “Well of course it is you goof ball!!!” Jody says in a evil way. You feel frightened and want to leave. So you try to run you away and the old lady comes after you. You try to run away but she catches you. Jody got you by the collar Click here to continue

  9. and threw you in a closet. The sun shines through the skylight so than you can see. When you look in the closet you see the body of John Swanson holding a glass with poison in it. Now you know how he was murdered. You don’t want to be killed in a more painful like starving so you eat the left over poison to die.

  10. “Did you have a ruff time in the election?” you ask in a curios tone.“Well being in a election is hard you could only imagine how difficult it is to manage a campaign by yourself.” She said in a down to heart voice. You look around more. The house is almost empty. “I have to know one last thing do you think you would make a great mayor?” you ask. You think by asking this question you will find a culprit or maybe even a lead.” I don’t think I would be as good as he was. I was running for the fun, something to do before I die.” She replied. Click here to continue

  11. She didn’t look like she could have hurt a fly even though you know she was in Iraq. “Were you with him beside in the election before he was murdered?” you ask.“Know I was in at my kinesis house visiting. We went to the ummmm… a aquarium” she stuttered. You give up the case and leave. One week later she was found guilty. After that you quit being a detective forever.

  12. So you are running to the police station to tell the sheriff. You were excited for solving your first mystery. When you arrive then that smile turned upside down the sheriff’s office was closed. You just turned around with a sad face and with your throat feeling like your squeezing it tightly. Then around the corner is surprisingly the sheriff eating a cheeseburger on a bench. You scream, “OFFICER I found the killer of Mayor John Swanson.” He says, “Sorry kid. It’s the station’s day off. We’ll get to it tomorrow”. You say, “Awesome that’s sounds cool”. You run home faster than ever without tripping then you accidentally step on Jody’s lawn she screams and you run faster with fear and thought to tell your mom, but you didn’t feel like to. Click here to continue

  13. You run in house to your room to fall asleep early. You got up and ran to Jody’s house there are police cars and FBI agents they had the lady in cuffs. The sheriff came over and gives you a medal with $50.00 as a reward. So you ran inside to show your mom and her reaction for five seconds then you go to your room and curl up with your medal in your hands with a happy smile and your mom freaking out.

  14. Now that you know that Jody killed John you pack up your stuff and leave and head to Jody’s house. As you arrive at Jody’s small house you see the lights on so you know she’s there. When you walk onto the porch and knock on the door you hear an elderly voice ask, “Who is it?” You answer “It’s a neighbor,” She then opens the door for you to come in. As you walk in Jody asks you, “Why are you here?” Click here to continue

  15. You then answer “I’m here about the murder of John Swanson. Earlier today I searched his house for evidence. So far I have found the poison that killed him and on the bottle I have found a smudge of pink lipstick, of the same lipstick you wear. So I suspect you are the one who killed John,” In disbelief Jody says, “It could have been someone else.” Trying to make her tell the truth you say, “You and I both know you killed John because he won the election.” Click here to continue

  16. You then turn around and as you do so it all goes blank. Later on you wake up in a hospital. The doctor tells you that Jody hit you in the back. But luckily the cops found her trying to sneak away. And now Jody’s in prison for the rest of her life. Later that week the new mayor of Los Angeles gives you a medal for finding out who killed John.