the city brand of venice exclusive venice travel project n.
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The City Brand of Venice Exclusive Venice Travel Project PowerPoint Presentation
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The City Brand of Venice Exclusive Venice Travel Project

The City Brand of Venice Exclusive Venice Travel Project

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The City Brand of Venice Exclusive Venice Travel Project

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  1. The City Brand of Venice Exclusive Venice Travel Project

  2. The Brand of Venice Aims • To exploit economically the strength of Venice’s image in order to safeguard the artistic and natural heritage of the town • To promote worldwide the new official brand of the town • To promote the image of the town communicating its values: • its uniqueness, art, history • the quality of life and its socio-cultural dynamism • its innovative and creative spirit • To foster commercial alliances between the licensee of the Venice brand • To create an official, unique and “not counterfeit” “presence” of Venice in different countries in the world

  3. A brand for Venice Art direction: Philippe Starck Design: Thibeaut Mathieu Date of presentation: October 2003 The Brand of Venice Background Costa, the ex Major of Venice presents the new brand of the city to the president of Italian Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi Philippe Starck and the designer Thibeaut Mathieu present the new brand of Venice to the press

  4. The brand of Venice The structure of the brand Friendsof Venice Venice Image Association Product category Sub-brand • Water • Historical architecture • History • Cultural events • A open door in Far East • Itay • style • Romanticism • Food • Wine Venice Channel Venice Channel Venice Channel Venice Channel (communication) (communication) (communication) (communication) Homeware / Tableware Café - Restaurant wine, coffee, grappa, …enogastronomic products Dimore dei Dogi Venezia café Sapori di Venezia

  5. License Agreement Licensee (Tour Operator) of the brand of Venice will sell the services and the travel packages of the city with an exclusive right for their own country/market: • with reference to hospitality services • with reference to the services of the city of Venice touristic services • the licensee tour operators will directly issue the VIP’s Venice Card* • with reference to participation in the events organized by Venice Municipality • with reference to contacts with the entrepreneurial forces and the representatives of the regional institutions Advantages: • Territorial Exclusivity for the project (1, 2 or 3 years) • Possibility to promote on the local market the partnership with the Municipality • The brand of the TO will be promoted on the official web site Costs: • Payment of a flat fee (a) • Payment of royalties calculated on the packages sold + fee (b)

  6. Hospitality Services • The Licensee Tour Operators of the Venice brand will receive benefits from hotel chains and from Venetian tourist associations • The Licensee Tour Operators of the Venice brand will receive benefits such as some exclusive services at the arrival and departure, even with simultaneous interpreting services • The Licensee Tour Operators will receive benefits on the organization of special city tours to discover the secret places of Venice (Palazzo Ducale, The Segrete, Cà Rezzonico, Scala Contarini del Bovolo, The Orologio, The Basilica)

  7. Venice TouristicServices The licensee Tour Operators will have an “exclusive availability” of seats/invitations/tickets for all great events and representations taking place at: • La Fenice theatre • Goldoni theatre • Venice Film Festival • Vernissage on visual arts and architecture • Venice Casino (with the possibility to have a dinner by candlelight) The licensee Tour Operators will have the opportunity to sell the VIP’s Cards*

  8. Venice TouristicServices The licensee Tour Operators will receive benefits for the organization of: • Ccocktails at the Musei Civici • Exclusive sightseeing itineraries on Gondola • Licensed tour operators will be listed on a dedicated section on the official Municipality’s web site. It could be possible insert the tourists’s photos in a special web site section • Visits at Cà Farsetti accompanied by the city Lord Major • “tasting itineraries” of the Venetian specialties • Guided visit to discover the local craftsmanship (gondolas, Murano glass, Venetian masks) • Meeting with the Museum director of Cà Rezzonico

  9. Individualised Tour Operator’s VIPs Card* • The VIP’s Card gives the opportunity to book different service with priority and to obtain from 5% to 20% discount (Dinners at the restaurants, shopping buying, etc.) • The Licensee Tour Operator of the brand will be granted the availability of seats/invites for the events organized from Venice Municipality • Creation of a dedicated version of a Personalised VIP cards offered to the licensed Tour Operator’s tourists

  10. Venice Merchandising

  11. Proposal to the Licensee Tour Operator • The Tour Operator will sign a licensing agreement with Venice Municipality (either fixed fee licensed negotiable agreement or based on royalty or a variable cost agreement) • The Tour Operator will distribute in its country, exclusively, the special tourist services/packages prepared in partnership with Venice Municipality • The Tour Operator will buy the official Venice travel kit to give to its clients

  12. Business Model

  13. LA QUINTA HEAD OFFICE Corso Plebisciti, 15, 20129 Milano, Italia Tel. +39 02 7385353 LA QUINTA (MALTA) LTD. Base Office for: Albania; Algeria; Cyprus; Egypt; Gibraltar; Greece: Lebanon; Libyan Arab Jamahiriya: Monaco; Morocco; Portugal, Tunisia & Israel 13, Curate Fenech Street, Birzebbugia BBG 03, Malta Tel. +356 9933 3088; +356 21 654567; +356 21 417889 Fax. +356 21 650913; +356 21 662034