sputnik launched into orbit n.
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Sputnik launched into orbit PowerPoint Presentation
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Sputnik launched into orbit

Sputnik launched into orbit

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Sputnik launched into orbit

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  1. Sputnik launched into orbit October, 4, 1957

  2. Sputnik I • Sputnik I which means “Satellite 1” in Russian was the worlds first artificial satellite. • It was launched by the Soviet Union and it was about the size of a beach ball. • Sputnik could be seen before sunrise or after sunset with binoculars and it sent out radio signals that reached the radio operators on Earth. • This satellite represented a major step in communication technology. • Sputnik marked the start of a space race between the Soviet Union and U.S

  3. Space Race • In 1952 the International Council of Scientific Unions declared that the International Geophysical Year (IGY)would be from July 1, 1957, to December 31, 1958. • The (IGY) is a solar period that is ideal in studying the Earth and the solar system by launching artificial satellites. • In 1954 the International Council of Scientific Unions decided that artificial satellites should be launched in the (IGY) to map Earth’s surface. • In 1955 Dwight D. Eisenhower, the U.S president, declared that the U.S will launch an artificial satellite during the (IGY).

  4. On October, 4, 1957 the Sputnik I was launched and the U.S was caught off guard by this achievement. • Sputnik was much larger then the satellite that the U.S was going to launch in the following year. • It created new fears towards the Americans and they were worried that the Soviet Union will be able to build missiles that would hold nuclear weapons. • The U.S attempts to catch up to the Soviet Union created the Space Race which was part of the Cold War.

  5. Sputnik II and Explorer I • After Sputnik I was launched the U.S began to work on another satellite project to catch up to the Soviet Union. • However, on November, 3,1957 the Soviet Union made a bigger technological achievement when they launched a dog called Laika in Sputnik II. • On January, 4, 1958 Sputnik I burned up and fell after staying for 3 months in its orbit. • Then on January, 31, 1958 the U.S finally launched their first satellite called Explorer I. • The NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) was created after the launch of the Sputnik, and Explorer I was able to discover the magnetic belts around Earth.

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