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Power of One

Power of One

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Power of One

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  1. Power of One • April 2-5 • Salt Lake City, UT

  2. Purpose PCC Rock Creek’s Queer Resource Center would like to offer PCC students the opportunity to attend the 2014 NASPA Region V Power of One conference in Salt Lake City, Utah this April. The QRC intends to send 8 students and 2 coordinators to the conference, where participants will “learn about intersecting identities while promoting social justice.”

  3. Leadership Power of One Workshops “Expand upon self exploration and group dynamics in ways that help us work together towards social change.” ALLY DEVELOPMENT Gender “Explore the roles allies can play in changing campus climates as well as the roles that queer folks can fill as allies to other oppressed and marginalized groups.” “Investigate new understandings of gender beyond the traditional binary system.” HEALTH & WELLNESS Creative Arts “Examine how queer voices are representing themselves and exploring relevant topics.” “Examine the ways in which we stay physically and emotionally healthy.” Social Justice “Investigate strategies for actively changing the world in which we live.” Advisors, Administrators, & Professionals “This track will highlight topics relevant to individuals currently working within higher education, social justice work, student affairs, etc.”

  4. Student Participants: • are expected to actively participate for the duration of the conference. • are required to attend all conference events. • will report back at a Queer Straight Alliance club meeting or other QRC event at PCC Rock Creek. • agree to complete 10 volunteer hours tied to PCC by the end of the Spring 2014 term. • will comply with PCC’s Code of Student Conduct. As of 1/30/14, we have nine applicants!

  5. Outcomes • Power of One participants will come away from the conference with new knowledge and enhanced leadership skills. With this experience, they will: • Generate cultural competency on campus by hosting relevant workshops and events and by demonstrating their awareness in one-on-one interactions. (For example, Queer Straight Alliance) • Reach out to the community, actively promoting social justice by creating and disseminating educational materials; volunteering their experiences and knowledge in the classroom and on panels; and collaborating with faculty. (Pride, possible collaboration with local school) • Apply their enhanced understanding of group dynamics and leadership to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and advocate for students.

  6. Power of One Participant Take-Away Nash Jones, a coordinator for the last two years with the Queer Resource Center, attended the Power of One conference last year and now runs the PCC Gender Neutral Bathroom Task Force. Nash also works closely with SMYRC in Portland. Kevin Pfau, working his second year as a QRC advocate, attended the Power of One conference last year and is now a Lead Advocate. He is also an applicant for this year’s conference. He is working closely with the QRC Task Force from Sylvania and reports there are several students there who have voiced interest in attending the conference.

  7. Break Down of Expenses Total $5290

  8. Funding Sources Total $5,290