urban cities by karly w nate p and greg c n.
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New york city PowerPoint Presentation
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New york city

New york city

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New york city

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  1. Urban Cities By; Karly W. Nate P. and Greg C. New york city

  2. Population • New York City is home to about 8.337 million people. That’s almost as much as the population of North Carolina!

  3. Famous New York City • New York City is famous for a lot of things. Such as Times Square, Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, Empire State Building, World Trade Center Memorial, and the Statue of Liberty.

  4. Hardships/ Tragedies • NYC has had many hardships and tragedies. Such as the Empire State Building tragedy when two people were killed, and eight others were injured in a shoot out. Also hurricane Sandy brought devastation throughout the city. But worst of all 9/11. on September 11th, 2001 the World Trade Center was attacked by Al Qaeda.

  5. Well Known Colleges/ Universities • Well known universities are all around New York City. There is Julliard, the school for the arts. Also there is Columbia University. Located in the heart of New York is New York University ( N.Y.U.). And finally there is Long Island University

  6. Popular Foods • The popular foods in New York include Cuisines from many ethnic groups such as Italian, Chinese, and Japanese. These dishes include Calzones, Pizza, Tacos. One of the most popular restaurants in New York is Bubba Gump shrimp from the famous movie Forest Gump.

  7. Economy • The economy in New York includes lots of manufacturing such as cotton, and electronics. One of their top agriculture developments are for dairy, and many vegetables. New York is also big in seaports, and transportation, this includes subways, trains, and many airports.

  8. Recreation • New York is home to many public recreation sites like Central Park, Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Imaginary Playground, dog parks, museums, gyms, sports events, raceways, and amusement parks(Coney Island). New York has many plazas (Irving Plaza) and musical entertainment like Broadway, and Carnegie Hall.

  9. Weather • The weather in New york during the summer is usually hot and humid. In the colder seasons it is below freezing. In the fall there is mild precipitation and the temperature is mid sixties. During the winter New York gets a lot of snow or sleet. Most of the year New York City is colder than it is hot.

  10. Crime Rate • New York’s homicide rate is 6.4, the robbery rate is 235.2, burggarly rate is 215, and motor vehicle theft is 123.8. Crime in New York was very high in the 1980’s during the Mayor Edward I Koch. Violent crime in New York City has been dropping since 1990.

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