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Mobile Government Practices in Forest Fire s PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile Government Practices in Forest Fire s

Mobile Government Practices in Forest Fire s

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Mobile Government Practices in Forest Fire s

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  1. Mobile Government Practices in Forest Fires General Directorate of Forestry- TURKEY

  2. Importance of Internet • - Implementation of Turkey and General Directorate of Forestry about mobile government in the forest fires.

  3. The degree of vulnerable areas to the forest fire

  4. General Directorate of Forestry aims; • Fighting with wildfires • Contribute and easing scheduling • Preventing the labour and economic losses • Providing a necessary support in the emergency cases • Increasing the productivity • Providing faster access to data for decision makers • Storing the updated information • Being able to do retrospective examination

  5. The Web-BasedForest Fire Management System • This system has been established in 27 Regional Directorate of Forestry. • 3988 mobile data tools have been installed to the work machines, planes, helicopters and the other machines. • Domestic software was used. • The system works in 6 language, English, German, Russian, Azeri, Romany. arapça

  6. The Web-BasedForest İnformation System(ORBIS) web tabanlı orman bilgi sisteminin (ORBİS)

  7. The Web-BasedForest İnformation System(ORBIS)

  8. The Web-BasedForest İnformation System(ORBIS)

  9. A part of forest information system (ORBİS) and GIS software (mapinfo, google earth) are used as a layer in this system. 19.06.2008 Gelibolu Fire 11.38 PM..

  10. 18.07.2008 05.16 PM Menemen-İzmir Forest Fire

  11. 18.07.2008 05.40 P.M.

  12. Alemdağ,İstanbul forest fire 18.08.2008 12.29 A.M. 12.29 A.M. 79 nolu bölme 12.38A.M. 01.09 P.M.

  13. Alemdağ,İstanbul forest fire 18.08.2008 01.21 P.M. 01.14 P.M. 01.33 P.M. 01.27 P.M.

  14. 02.04 P.M.

  15. Datas of interfering helicopter to the fire such as its speed, location, route etc., 18.08.2008 saat 13.33 saat 13.45

  16. 08.09.2008 saat 10.28 • Kısa Sürede yangın mahaline ulaşım • Söndürme stratejisi tespiti • Web tabanlı CBS yazılımları • Acil Yardım • Formlar

  17. Using Other Equipments in The System • PDA tool can connect to the fire management system over the GSM network. • It is possible to watch and control the fire management system with “Connect Cart” (EDGE 3G Mobil Modem Kart) which attach to the notebook in the field or fire area.

  18. Thanks to the “Emergency Call Button” which can be put in to the vehicles, the signal about coordinate and identification plate of vehicle is send to the relevant center or to those concerned’s mobile phone. If it is necessary, it is provided the assistance with the helicopter or other vehicles.

  19. With the web-based forest fire management system; • It has been the closest fire extinguishing teams and vehicles moved immediately. • The forest fires have been interfered in a short time. • Labor and economic losses have been prevented. • It was saved above 10 million TL (aproximately 7 million dollars) in 2008. • Interference time to the forest fires has decreased. • Activity has increased in sending and managing of fire extinguishing works.

  20. It has been obtained eases in controlling and scheduling to the implementer units. • It has been prevented misuses of the fire vehicles and fuel savings has been achieved. • Forest fire management of fire supervisor has become easier. The vehicles’ position, number and actions around the fires has been watched at the same time by both fire supervisor and relevant Regional Directorate of Forestry. Thanks to this, watching, information providing, deciding correctly and giving instructions have been possible in a short time.

  21. It has been helped to the managers about a lot of subjects like that threat and danger of forest fire, whether it is possible to extinguishing with exsisting vehicles or numbers of enough vehicles etc. • The vehicles and fire teams could be controlled especially at nights and unnecessary waitings have been prevented. • It has been presented and informed similtaneously about forest fires in a lot of national television channels.

  22. • User name: mLife2009 • User code1: mLife2009 • User code2: mLife2009

  23. Forest Fire Early Warning System Project (OYEUS) • Starting on March 2007, Forest Fire Early Warning System Project (OYEUS), supported by The Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey and Bilkent University, finished on April 2009. • The first version of this project was developed within the project which is supported by European Union Seventh Framework. • Observations are made from 66 cameras in the 33 fire watchtowers

  24. The camera locations

  25. The Camera Futures • Using IP cameras in the project which can rotate 3600 observe the forests in which are the cameras’ view areas (15-20 km distances, approximately 40.000 hectares areas). • When the cameras rotate one tour in 1-3 minutes, all the forests in which are the cameras’ views areas can be observed.

  26. Smoke Determination Software • A computer analyzes the images which come from the cameras. • When the flame or smoke is being noticed, the computer warns the watchtower personnel, the relevant Regional Directorate of Forestry and General Directorate of Forestry in Ankara with internet connection. • This software can send an image and text an e-mail to the mobile phones which have an appropriate hardware. For example, when the fire exists in an area, the information about forest fire comes to General Director of Forestry’s mobile phone at the same time.

  27. Emergency! The smoke has just been determined. • Determination moment of Manavgat fire, August 2008. • Starting moment of Manavgat fire could be determined • by the camera in Altınsivri watchtower, Manavgat. The • distance from camera to fire was 5 kilometers. • Fifteen of the seventeen fires in Manavgat were • determined aproximately in one minute.

  28. Determination moment of Keşan fire, May 2009.

  29. Thanks to this system; • Forest fire can be interfered in the shortest time • These archived images are used in order to develop strategies upon struggle and prevention of fire and education about forest fires and their reasons. • Thus, it can be effectively interfered to the forest fire on time with the possibilities which are provided by technology.

  30. Conclusion; • General Directorate of Forestry ideally applies the opportunity which is mobile government with several projects. • Aiming to present best service as soon as possible, General Directorate of Forestry is determined to carry out the most effective practises by following the technological developments in the future as well. • And recently we have started to sell this system to countries such as the US, Syria, Lybia, Kazakhistan