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FIFA World cup 2002 PowerPoint Presentation
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FIFA World cup 2002

FIFA World cup 2002

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FIFA World cup 2002

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  1. FIFA World cup 2002 By: Noor Al Thani 7c

  2. Choose a FIFA World Cup Competition to research and communicate when and where the competition was held. Communicate this in your introduction. The 2002 FIFA World Cup was held in the republic of Korea and Japan. It started on 31 May and ended on 30 June. It was the first world cup held in Asia. Brazil won the world cup for the fifth time they won 2-0 from Germany. In the semi finals turkey beat korea republic by 3-2winning third place.

  3. Who were the finalists, who won, include the score. Brazil won the 1st place (For the fifth time winning the cup) 2-0 winning from Germany. Germany won the second place brazil won 2-0 from them. Turkey won 3rd place by 3-2 winning from Korea republic. Korea republic losing 2-3 from Turkey who won 3-2. The total Matches played was 64 . The goals scored are 161.

  4. Using the Internet research the actual game itself and answer the following questions. A - What was the scoring sequence and who scored? I choose Brazil .VS. Germany . The first goal was by Brazil is my Ronaldo he kicked but Oliver Khan ( The German goalie) touched the ball but it rolled onto Ronaldo’s side so he kicked it and that was the first goal and the timing was 21:47. The second goal was from Kleberson to Ronaldo and he kicks it straight away in the goal the time was 33:26.

  5. B - Choose 1 of the goals and describe using Football terminology the sequence of play leading up to the goal. The goal I choose is the second goal for Brazil in the final World Cup of 2002 when they played against Germany which the won 2-0 on. The goal was like this the Brazil player Kleberson passes to Ronaldo and he kicks into the goal it was 33:26 minutes when the second goal formed for Brazil in the finals.

  6. C – What could the defense have done to more effectively try and stop the goal being scored? In the final match Brazil.VS.Germany when the second goal the defender should have under passed it to the goalie in time because he did it when Ronaldo was in front of him. He should of focused better to kick the ball in time.

  7. D – Using the same scoring sequence what individual skills have been When Kleberson passes it to Ronaldo a German player tries to get the ball but couldn’t because Ronaldo was quick and then he scored.

  8. E – Was there any movement ‘off the ball’ by other attackers to draw defenders away from the goal scorer? If yes what happened and what was the effect of this? No because Ronaldo was so close to the goal when he scored the two goals.

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