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  1. Evacuation Organisation and Procedure

  2. Evacuation Response Organisation

  3. Colour coded levels of responsibility The HAT SYSTEM

  4. The White Hat has responsibility for the entire Campus: Murdoch and Challenger TAFE and JTC Each Yellow Hat is responsible for their respective sections of the campus: Murdoch or Challenger TAFE or JTC Each Red Hat has an area of responsibility within their respective organisations eg JTC F Block JTC Red Hats are chosen from clerical staff because they are onsite each day, their work location is adjacent to the alarm board and they do not have the responsibility of being in a class.

  5. Phil Porter Murdoch Deputy of Challenger or Murdoch TAFE JTC Associate Principal TAFE’s Red Hats Murdoch’s Red Hats Deputy YELLOW HAT Business Manager JTC Red Hat Staff Member JTC Red Hat Staff Member JTC Red Hat Staff Member JTC Red Hat Staff Member JTC Red Hat Staff Member JTC Red Hat Staff Member

  6. Identification of the Yellow Hat is by the yellow safety hat and yellow safety jacket The Associate/ Deputy Principal is the Yellow Hat for JTC

  7. Identification of the Red Hats is by the Red safety hat and Red safety jacket

  8. Areas of responsibility in the college Murdoch TAFE JTC Shared JTC Muster Point

  9. Please Note It should be clearly understood that the primary duty of the wardens is not to combat emergencies but to ensure, as far as is practicable, the safety of the occupants and their orderly evacuation from the danger zone.

  10. Please Note Any Warden (White, Yellow or Red) from any part of this campus: Murdoch, Challenger TAFE or MSC has the (Authority) right to direct you to safety.

  11. Evacuation Procedure

  12. Clarification of a Standard Evacuation Procedure

  13. Evacuation & u Alarm can be heard but no voice over instruction Voice Over directs you to evacuate DO NOT evacuate Issue clear instructions to students Be alert to the situation and be ready to evacuate Collect class roll Voice Over directs you to evacuate EVACUATE

  14. Once outside of the room Close classroom door once everyone is out Move to MUSTER POINT along designated path with your students. If path is unsafe seek alternative safe route to the MUSTER POINT. Check all students are accounted for Keep all students together Report that all students are accounted for to the area warden (RED HAT) When the all clear is given by the (YELLOW HAT) you may return to the classroom

  15. Variations to a Standard Evacuation Procedure

  16. In the event of a gas leak Send a runner or a staff member Who does not have supervision responsibilities Neither the alarm nor the voice over will sound Staff member who first notices the gas smell Evacuate your class to the MUSTER POINT Staff member to notify the front office immediately Evacuation is in progress RED HATS co-ordinate the manual evacuation of remaining classes in the affected area Electrical activity may trigger a fire or explosion

  17. What if you do not have a class? Follow normal evacuation procedures to get to the MUSTER POINT Identify yourself to the RED HAT so that you are recorded as being safely at the MUSTER POINT Act with collegiality and assist other staff with supervision of students at the MUSTER POINT Return to your previous activities once the all clear is given by the YELLOW HAT