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Black Sox World Series Fixing and The Mafia PowerPoint Presentation
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Black Sox World Series Fixing and The Mafia

Black Sox World Series Fixing and The Mafia

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Black Sox World Series Fixing and The Mafia

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  1. DEVON EVANS RYAN HOWE Black Sox World Series Fixing and The Mafia

  2. Background The white sox were called the black sox because the owner of the black sox at the time wanted to save as much money as possible so they never washed or paid for new uniforms. The players played in them and were nicknamed the black sox. 1919 World Series Fixing

  3. The salary of the white sox was $6,000 a year. This was the highest paid team around the league back then. This motivated some of the white sox to join the fixing of the series because they would be making more money in one game than in a year. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  4. In 1956, sports illustrated interviewed Gandil. he admitted to be the ring leader. The plan of fixing the series started 3 weeks before the end of the season (1919) in Boston. Gandil asked his acquaintance and pro gambler “sport” Sullivan to stop by his hotel room to discuss the fix. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  5. Gandil says that we can fix the series to the pro gambler Sullivan and demanded 80,000 in cash for him and what ever player he might recruit. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  6. The fix included (outfielder) Oscar happy Felsch (Third baseman) buck weaver Eddie Cicotte Gandil Joe Jackson (hitter) Claude lefty Williams Swede Risberg (short stop) Fred Mccullin ( utility infielder) 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  7. Meeting on September 21th 1919 8 players attended the meeting at the Ansoina hotel in New York. Most of the players wanted to get their money before the series started. The money was too much for the gambler Asinof. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  8. 80,000 was too much so they reached out to the biggest gambler arnold big bankroll rothstein. Rothstein offered 100,000 grandil. Later then backed out because it was so risky. The players then was set trial because there was a lot of speculation of players throwing the series. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  9. Players testified on other players and were banned from the league for life. The same players who went to the meeting in New York. 1919 WORLD SERIES FIXING

  10. In 1920 Capone joined Johnny Torrio’s gang in Chicago. He had a lot to do with the prohibition era, and smuggled in a lot of alcohol. Capone was responsible for the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre. He had 7 other gang members killed, this took place in Chicago. Al Capone was one of the most known mobsters in this time Al Capone

  11. The mafia ran big cities in the 1920s including New York and Chicago. The mafia controlled the police, FBI, and top business men. The mafia controlled a lot of illegal stuff, including prostitution, gambling, and prohibition. The mafia in the 1920s