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Best of CES 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best of CES 2019

Best of CES 2019

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Best of CES 2019

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  1. Best of CES

  2. Pet fitness robots, which move automatically or are controlled with a smartphone, are displayed at the Varlam booth during the 2019 CES in Las Vegas, Nevada. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  3. A Navatics Mito underwater drone, able to dive to 131 feet and live stream video to a smartphone, is shown in a tank. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  4. Jacobs Otto of the Netherlands plays a game with "Forpheus," an AI-equipped robotic ping pong tutor in the Omron booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  5. Attendees look over PepsiCo's Snackbot robot vendor, buyers order and pay with a smartphone app, at the Robby Technologies booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  6. Alexander Meng looks over a window cleaning robot display in the Coayu booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  7. Attendees watch a display made up of curved OLED television screens at the LG Electronics booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  8. An attendee gives landing directions to a helicopter in a virtual reality game at the Qualcomm booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  9. A dashboard video screen is displayed in a Byton M-Byte electric vehicle. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  10. A display made of OLED tail lamps is shown in the Audi booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  11. A display promotes the Kia R.E.A.D. (Real-time Emotion Adaptive Driving), a system for the cabin of an autonomous vehicle that read emotions of the passengers. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  12. Karma Revero hybrid electric sports car with Blackberry technology. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  13. The interior of a Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC autonomous vehicle. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  14. An attendee takes a virtual drive in an autonomous vehicle in the Mobileye booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  15. Autonomous work vehicles by Honda. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  16. People check out the Huawei Mate 20 smartphone. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  17. A Mobility Pod, an autonomous shuttle by the Milla Group. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  18. I.P. Park, president and chief technical officer for LG Electronics, speaks with a LG CLOi robot during a keynote address. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  19. Passengers use gesture control to access functions in a mock-up of an autonomous vehicle in the Kia booth. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  20. The Harley Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle, developed in collaboration with Panasonic Automotive. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  21. People look over the LG Signature OLED TV R, a television with a rollable screen that retracts into a base unit. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  22. The Bell Nexus, a vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, is displayed. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  23. Edwin Bull, president of Van Dessel Cycles, does a wheelie on the Van Dessel Passepartout e-bike. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  24. A man looks over the Mercedes-Benz Vision URBANETIC autonomous vehicle. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  25. Samsung's John Herring (L) looks on as Yoon Lee, a Samsung senior vice president, adjusts a photo on the "Family Board" of a Family Hub smart refrigerator. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  26. A Willow, a wearable, in-bra breast milk pump. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  27. A Solar Cow battery charging station for schools, designed to encourage parents in developing nations to send their children to school in exchange for battery power. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  28. Photographers take photos of a research vehicle equipped with Toyota Guardian, an accident avoidance system that assists drivers. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  29. Julian Martijn Jagtenberg poses with a Somnox Sleep Robot, which mirrors your breathing for a better night's sleep. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  30. Yoon Lee, a Samsung America senior vice president, has his vital signs taken by Samsung Bot Care, a healthcare robot. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  31. Kuan-Ling Liu of Ganzin Technology models the Ganzin Aurora eye tracker module, which can be used to control a variety of function using eye movement. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  32. Byton's electric M-Byte vehicle is unveiled. REUTERS/Alexandria Sage

  33. A man tries out a Whill Autonomous Drive wheelchair. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  34. A reporter checks out the Spectra X, an electric skateboard by Walnut Technology that moves depending on the shifting body weight of the rider. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  35. Coleen, a smart electric bicycle with built-in GPS and navigation. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  36. An Air 100 selfie drone, a portable HD aerial camera. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  37. Devices charge wirelessly on a Gaze Tray, a multi-device charging tray. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  38. A Numii system by AIO, modules that collect data to improve worker health. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  39. A Lynq locator, a private and secure radio frequency device. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  40. Codi, a story-telling robot for children. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  41. Eric Wilkinson stands by the Wilkinson Baking Company Breadbot, a self-contained, automated bakery. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  42. The D Free, an ultrasound device for people who suffer from incontinence. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  43. Francesca Vengel of Perfect Corp uses a YouCam Makeup app to see what she would look like with purple hair. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  44. Moodo smart-home fragrance diffusers, which can mix custom aromas via a smartphone app. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  45. A SecureDrive BT hard drive and SecureUSB BT flash drive, which can be remotely wiped if lost or stolen. REUTERS/Steve Marcus

  46. James Gilliland sets up a display, part of the Samsung Galaxy Experience Zone, in the lobby at the Las Vegas Convention Center. REUTERS/Steve Marcus