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Best Daily Current Affairs Free PDF of 17 Jan 2019 PowerPoint Presentation
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Best Daily Current Affairs Free PDF of 17 Jan 2019

Best Daily Current Affairs Free PDF of 17 Jan 2019

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Best Daily Current Affairs Free PDF of 17 Jan 2019

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  1. India will take over operations in Myanmar's Sittwe Port

  2. A As sia ian n C Cu up p G Go ol ld d m me ed da al ll li is st t S Sh ha ak ki il l A Ah hm me ed d h ha as s a ad dd de ed d o on ne e m mo or re e f fe ea at th he er r t to o h his is c ca ap p w wh he en n h he e s se et t u up p a a w wo or rl ld d r re ec co or rd d in in in ind do oo or r r ro ow wi in ng g b by y c co om mp pl le et ti in ng g 1 1, ,0 00 0, ,0 00 00 0 (o (on ne e la lak kh h) ) m me et tr re es s in in a ab bo ov ve e- -4 40 0 y ye ea ar rs s c ca at te eg go ory ry

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  4. O ON NG GC C - Trishna Natural gas project, Gomati district, Tripura

  5. 2 2n nd d e ed di it ti io on n o of f In Ind di ia a- -M My ya an nm ma ar r b bil ila at te er ra al l A Ar rm my y e ex xe er rc ci is se e ‘ ‘I IM MB BE EX X 2 20 01 18 8- -1 19 9’ ’ h ha as s c co om mm me en nc ce ed d a at t C Ch ha an nd di i M Ma an nd di ir r m mi il li it ta ary ry s st ta at ti io on n in in H Ha ary rya an na a

  6. Cherukuri Raghavendra Babu, chairman, Expert Committee on Invasive Species, Western Ghats

  7. T Th he e G Go ov ve er rn nm me en nt t o of f In Ind di ia a ( (GoI fi fiv ve e- -y ye ea ar r a ac ct ti io on n p pl la an n t to o a ad dd dr re es ss s d dr ru ug g a ab bu us se e i in n t th he e c co ou un nt try ry 2018 2018- -2 20 02 23 3 GoI) ) h ha as s d dr ra af ft te ed d

  8. Q1) Which state has launched the 'Jai Kisan Rin Mukti Yojana‘ ? A.Chhattisgarh B.Manipur C.Madhya Pradesh D.Rajasthan

  9. Q2) PM Narendra Modi will inaugurate which edition of the biennial Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit (VGGS) on January 18 ? A.7th B. 8th C. 9th D.10th

  10. Q3) Senior leader of Congress and former Central Minister C.P Joshi was elected as Speaker which state’s Legislative Assembly ? A.Madhya Pradesh B. Rajasthan C. Chhattisgarh D.Manipur

  11. Q4) 9th international conference on micro-irrigation will be held in which state ? A.Gujarat B.Bihar C.Haryana D.Maharashtra

  12. Q5) Which country has assumed the chairmanship of G77 ? A.Brazil B. Palestine C. France D.Vietnam

  13. Q6) Which state has approved schemes worth over Rs 700 crore for financial welfare of OBCs and the SC/ST communities ? A.Gujarat B. Assam C. Maharashtra D.Madhya Pradesh

  14. Q7) PM Narendra Modi has dedicated the Kollam Bypass on the National Highway-66 to the nation, what is the length of the Bypass ? A.20 km B.13 km C.18 km D.25 km

  15. Q8) First National Level Sports Meet for the students of Eklavya Model Residential Schools (EMRS) was held in which state ? A.Bengaluru B. Bhopal C. Hyderabad D.Amravati

  16. Q9) Cabinet has approved an MoU between India and which country on mines safety management ? A.Australia B. Germany C. Russia D.Japan

  17. Q10) The Government will issue the Recapitalization Bonds to the tune of Rs ______ crore for capital infusion in the EXIM Bank ? A.7,000 B. 6,000 C. 5,000 D.5,500

  18. Q11) The Union Cabinet has given its ex-post facto approval to the Agreement on the facilitation of visa arrangements signed between India and which country ? A.Bahrain B. Australia C. Germany D.Maldives

  19. Q12) Director Lenin Rajendran passed away recently , he had worked for which regional cinema ? A.Marathi B. Malayalam C. Telugu D.Tamil

  20. Q13) D Gukesh has become the second youngest Grand Master in the world and the youngest Indian by winning the 17th Delhi International Open Chess tournament. He hails from which state ? A.Andhra Pradesh B. Karnataka C. Odisha D.Tamil Nadu

  21. Q14) Yu Wensheng who has won a Franco-German human rights award for his 'exceptional contribution' to the protection and promotion of human rights, hails from which country ? A.Japan B. China C. South Korea D.North Korea

  22. Q15) Stephen Constantine who was the coach of ______ football team has given his resignation ? A.Thailand B.Iran C.Bahrain D.India

  23. Q16) Who has become the youngest man to climb the seven highest peaks and volcanic summits across all continents after conquering Antartica's highest point Mount Sidley ? A.Daniel Bull B. Satyarup Siddhanta C. Arjun Vajpai D.Santosh Yadav

  24. Q17) International Cricket Council (ICC) has appointed whom as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) ? A.Shashank Manohar B. Manu Sawhney C. David Richardson D.Mark Boucher

  25. Q18) Who has been appointed as the Women's Boxing Team Coach ? A.Shiv Singh B.Rajendra Prasad C.Mohammad Ali Qamar D.Narendra Bisht Singh

  26. Q19) The government has constituted a seven-member Group of Ministers (GoM) to boost the real estate sector under the GST regime. Who is the convener of the GoM ? A.Manpreet Singh Badal B. Sudhir Mungantiwar C. Rajesh Agrawal D.Nitin Patel

  27. Q20) Shivajirao Deshmukh who passed away recently was the senior leader of which political party ? A.Congress B.Akali Dal C.BJP D.SP

  28. Q21) World AIDS Day was celebrated for the first time in? A.1988 B.1980 C.1987 D.1985

  29. Q22) AIDS is caused due to _____? A.Bacteria B.Virus C.Protozoa D.Fungus

  30. Q23) Part XI of the Constitution of India deals with ? A.Citizenship B. Fundamental Rights C. Relations between union and states D.Municipalities

  31. Q24) Fields Medal-Winning Mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah passed away recently. In which country he was born in ? A.US B. France C. Spain D.Britain

  32. Q25) Which tennis player has announced to retire from the game after this year’s Wimbledon ? A.Andy Murray B. Rafael Nadal C. Roger Federer D.Novak Djokovic

  33. Q26) The President has appointed which two judges as the judges of Supreme Court ? A. Pradeep Nandrajog, Dinesh Maheshwari B. Rajendra Menon, Sanjeev Khanna C. Dinesh Maheshwari, Pradeep Nandrajog D. Sanjeev Khanna, Dinesh Maheshwari

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