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ancient tribes of arizona review PowerPoint Presentation
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ancient tribes of arizona review

ancient tribes of arizona review

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ancient tribes of arizona review

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    1. Ancient Tribes of Arizona Review Read the slides very carefully, there is a quiz at the end of each section.

    2. Location & Disappearance

    3. Location The Ancient Indians each lived in distinct regions of Arizona. Hohokam: Desert Anasazi: Plateau (Four Corners Area) Mogollon: Mountain

    4. Disappearance Scientist are not sure why the Ancient Indians left Arizona, but they have three theories as to why: Enemy Indians Drought Disease

    5. Disappearance and Location Quiz In what region did the Hohokam live? In what region did the Anasazi live? In what region did the Mogollon live? What three reasons do scientists give to explain the disappearance of Arizonas Ancient Indians?

    6. Food & Tools

    7. Anasazi Food The Anasazi obtained food from many different sources. They were dry land farmers, growing corn and squash. They hunted big horn sheep, deer, rabbits, and squirrels. They also raised turkeys for food as well. Finally they gathered wild seeds, berries, and roots.

    8. Mogollon Food The Mogollon were primarily hunters and gathers. They hunted wild animals such as deer, big horn sheep, rabbits, squirrels, and wild turkeys. They also gathered wild grains, roots, and berries.

    9. Hohokam Food The Hohokam are best known for being irrigation farmers. They build hundreds of miles of irrigation canals in order to grow their crops: cotton, squash, beans, and corn. They also gathered wild food such as cactus fruit, yucca plants, roots, and wild grains from the desert. The Hohokam also hunted rabbits, javalina, and big horned sheep.

    10. Hohokam Irrigation Canals You might be surprised that Indians grew food in the desert. From A.D. 600 to 1450, the prehistoric Hohokam constructed one of the largest and most sophisticated irrigation networks ever created using preindustrial technology. By A.D. 1200, hundreds of miles of these waterways were built along the Gila and Salt Rivers. The remains of the ancient canals, lying beneath the streets of Phoenix, are currently receiving greater attention from local archaeologists.

    11. Ancient Indian Tools to help with gathering, growing, and preparing food. Digging Stick Metate and Mano Atlatl Baskets Pottery

    12. Digging Stick

    13. Metate and Mano Metates are still being used today to grind corn and other grains into meal or flour. A smaller stone, called a mano, is held in the hand and rubbed back and forth to do the grinding. Ancient Indian women probably spent hours each day preparing food for their families.

    14. Atlatl An atlatl was a device used with a spear. This device was used for hunting and increased the natives throwing power and accuracy.

    15. Baskets The Anasazi were called "The Basketmakers." Two kinds of baskets were coiled and plaited. Coiled baskets were made by wrapping different fibers around coiled rods and yucca fiber bundles.

    16. Food Quiz Which tribe is best known for irrigation farming? Which tribe is best known for dry land farming? Which tribe is best known for being hunters and gathers? Which tribe gathered cactus fruit? What is an Attala? What two tools did the Ancient Indians use to grind corn and wild grains?

    17. Shelter

    18. Pit Houses The Ancient Indians first lived in pit houses. A house partially below ground, made of sticks, and covered with mud. This dwelling had a hole in the ceiling for entering the dwelling and letting the smoke from the fire out of the shelter.

    19. Cliff Houses The Mogollon Cliff houses were built in the sides of cliffs. The most famous Mogollon ruins is Gila Cliff Dwelling in Present day New Mexico.

    20. Apartment Style Houses The Hohokam are famous for their apartment style houses. The most famous Hohokam apartment style house is Casa Grande Ruins.

    21. Pueblo Style Houses The Anasazi are famous for their pueblo style houses. Many homes shared walls and were many stories high. Many of these pueblo were build in valleys in the shelter of a cliff. One famous Anasazi site is Canyon de Chelly or The White House Ruins.

    22. Kiva

    23. Sipapu

    24. Shelter Quiz What tribe is best known for apartment style houses? What tribe is best known for pueblo style houses? What tribe is best know for cliff houses? What was the first type of dwelling used by the Ancient Indians? What is the round room underground used for religious rituals called? What is the small hole in the floor of the kiva or many dwelling that was thought to be the entrance from the underworld? What is one famous Hohokam landmark? What is one famous Mogollon landmark? What is one famous Anasazi landmark?

    25. Arts Crafts & Recreation

    26. Etching Etching The Hohokam are famous for etching on shells, rocks, and bones.

    27. Playing Ball The Hohokam are also known for a ball game that was played in a pit.

    28. Baskets Water tight baskets out of yucca fibers were made by the Anasazi.

    29. Pottery

    30. Jewelry The Ancient Indians Made Jewelry out of bone and turquoise.

    31. Petroglyphs Petroglyphs are pictures carved into rocks left behind by Ancient Tribes.

    32. Arts/ Crafts & Recreation Quiz What tribe is known for tightly woven waterproof baskets? What tribe is known for etching designs into shells and bones? Which tribe played a ball game in a pit? Which tribe is known for black and white pottery? What Arizona rock did the Ancient Indians used to make jewelry? What are pictures carved into rocks and left behind by the Ancient Indians called?

    33. Transportation

    34. Transportation The Ancient Indians did not uses horses or carts and wagons with wheels. The Anasazi built road that connected villages.

    35. Clothing

    36. Cotton The Hohokam grew cotton to weave into clothing. The Hohokam would trade their cotton with the Mogollon and Anasazi.

    37. Plant Fibers The Ancient Indians used yucca plant fibers to make sandals, rope, and nets.

    38. Animal Hides & Pelts Animal hides and pelts were used to make clothing.

    39. Transportation & Clothing Quiz <True or False> The Ancient Indians used horses to get from one place to another. The Hohokam grew cotton that was used for making clothing. The Ancient Indians traded with each other as well as tribes from Mexico. The Anasazi built roads even though they did not used wheeled carts. The Ancient Indians used plant fibers from such plants as yuccas to make sandals and clothing.

    40. Check Your Quiz Answers Location & Disappearance Desert Region Plateau Region Mountain Region Enemy Indians, Disease, & Drought Food Hohokam Anasazi Mogollon Hohokam A Hunting Tool Metate & Mano

    41. Check Your Quiz Continued Shelter Hohokam Anasazi Mogollon Pit Houses Kiva Sipapu Casa Grande Ruins Montezumas Castle Canyon de Chelly or White House Ruins Arts/ Crafts & Recreation Anasazi Hohokam Anasazi Turquoise petroglyphs

    42. Check Your Answers Continued Transportation & Clothing False True True True True

    43. The End Record your score on the bottom of your worksheet.