6 world championships n.
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6 World Championships

6 World Championships

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6 World Championships

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  1. 6 World Championships 2004: WCh in El Gouna (Egpyt) The first official Beach Handball World Championships took place in El Gouna (Egypt) in November 2004. In the women’s competition the Europeans occupied the first five places ahead of Brazil, Japan and Hong Kong. In the men’s category, Egypt became World Champion ahead of the four participating Europeans; Bahrain, Oman and Brazil reached the last 3 places.

  2. 6 World Championships 2006: 2nd WCh in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) The second official Beach Handball World Championships took place from 15 to the 20 November 2006 in Rio de Janeiro at the world-famous beach of Copacabana. 10 teams competed in each category (men & women) In addition to the 6 European teams, host Brazil, World Champion Egypt (men), the Dominican Republic (men and women) as well as Bahrain (men) and Uruguay (women) completed the field.

  3. 6 World Championships Brazil dominates at home: In the Women‘s and in the Men‘s Competition Brazil was able to win the World Title for the first time. German girls could give the Brazilian girls a close fight at the 8000 seat PETROBRAS-Arena and finally won the silver medal. Russia gained bronze. In the Men‘s final, Brazil beat Turkey. Spain ranked third.

  4. 6 World Championships 2008: Third WCh in Cadiz (ESP) From the 9th to 13th of July 2008, the third official Beach Handball World Championship took place at the Andalusian city of Cadiz (Spain). It was agreed between the IHF and the continental federations that Beach Handball World Championships shall take place in even years and the continental Championships shall take place as a qualifier before the WCh. New countries like Pakistan, Lybia, Iran and China entered the stage of the World Championships.

  5. 6 World Championships Croatia follows Brazil: Like two years ago one country won both titles. The Croatian women won against the strong playing host Spain. Brazil won in the “little final” against Italy and finally ranked third. In the men’s competition, the Croatian Men beat the reigning champion Brazil, the Serbian Men could surprise with a win against the strong Egyptians. High spectator affluence, perfect conditions and new ideas (like a shoot out show during the opening ceremony) showed a beautiful picture of the sport. 5

  6. 6 World Championships Beach Handball Statistics: For the first time in the short history of the Beach Handball World Championships an explicit analysis of the game itself was done. With the help of the Institute of Sport Sciences of the University of Tübingen, Germany a scouting sheet for the matches was developed. 6

  7. 6 World Championships Beach Handball Statistics: The goal of the statistics project was to get valid data and results for the further development of the sport Beach Handball as well as giving important information to the coaches of the teams during the tournament. With the help of 20 volunteers of the Cadiz Organizing Committee all 84 matches of the 3rd Beach Handball World Championships 2008 were scouted live and the scouting reports of the matches were uploaded immediately after each match on the IHF-webpage. 7

  8. 6 World Championships 2010: Fourth WCh in Antalya (TUR) From 22nd to 27th of June 2010, the fourth official Beach Handball World Championship will take place at the city of Antalya (Turkey). At the Lara Beach Park 12 women’s and 12 men’s teams will compete for the trophy and the medals. For the first time in the history of Beach Handball World Championships New Zealand and Australia will take part in the event. 